White Shark

influencer and social media strategy


White Shark is an entry-level gaming peripherals brand operating mostly in the Central and Southeastern Europe. Its vision is making gaming available to everyone.


Since White Shark was a relatively new brand at the time, it needed awareness and positioning in the market. The goal was to send the message of the 'best value for the money' equipment to its target group. Of course, the results had to be shown in the increased revenue.


Considering the target group and the industry, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook were used as the main campaign placements. 25 gaming YouTubers covering markets from Hungary to Albania were signed as the brand ambassadors.

Over 15 different giveaways were done during the campaign on the influencers' Instagram and YouTube channels.

There were more than 25 YouTube live streams playing games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Clash Royale. Some of them were online tournaments in which the fans played and competed for prizes.

Highlights from streams were edited into short-form videos for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

A one-minute brand promo video featuring the first ambassador PvtMole was produced.






Sales increase





Youtube Subscribers

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