White Shark InfoGamer 2018

event and social media strategy

influencer marketing campaign for White Shark


White Shark expoed on the 2018 InfoGamer festival in Zagreb, Croatia, which is one of the world's biggest gaming exhibitions.

influencer marketing campaign for White Shark


The objective was, of course, to get as many people to the White Shark booth as possible. Another goal was to get a lot of user generated content shared on the social media, bringing more awareness to the brand. 


We've brought two of the White Shark's ambassadors: PvtMole from Croatia and AdnanBro from Montenegro, and organized a meetup with their fans on the White Shark booth. 

The central part of the event was the Fortnite stream, where AdnanBro and PvtMole streamed on their YouTube channels live from the White Shark booth. A truly unique combination of the virtual and live interaction with their fans.





Live Stream Views


Minutes Of Fortnite

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